Medulla administration and teachers promote the most current, effective and challenging curriculum standards to ensure the highest quality of education for our students.

In addition to the core subject curriculum, we provide children with Music, Art, and Physical Education throughout the week.

Our focus is to have children learn at their instructional level and provide many opportunities for them to accelerate their learning. We utilize classroom technology such as laptops, Smart Boards and document cameras to enrich instruction.  As children need additional help acquiring specific skills, our Title I after school tutoring opportunities provide the needed support.

Primary Grades (K-2)


Our primary students are expected to know many high-frequency words by the end of the school year.  These words support the 2012 – 2013 Common Core State Standards adopted by the State of Florida.  These words are identified by the frequency that the words appear in print for their grade level.

Fluency, reading quickly, accurately and with expression, increases a child’s ability to comprehend the story or passage they are reading.  Reading together nightly will accelerate the child being able to read independently and have them enjoy reading for pleasure.  It also shows your child that you think reading is an important skill that they will need to learn.

Ask your child questions about the fiction story that you read together such as:
Who were the main characters in the story?

What problem did they have in the story?

How did they solve it?


Math instruction for the primary grades is having the children develop an understanding of numbers, their relationships and their use.  More detailed curriculum standards can be found on the Common Core and the Polk County Curriculum website below:

Intermediate Grades (3-5)


As children become more efficient readers, in these grade levels, they will be reading more complex and challenging text. As the vocabulary level increases in books, the expectation is for them to connect ideas and meaning to develop a deeper understanding of the text.


For grades 3-5, Common Core standards will provide a deeper understanding and use of mathematical concepts.  Further information about the math curriculum standards used in these grade levels can be found at: