Supervision is not provided on campus before 7:30 AM, so students are not permitted on campus before 7:30 AM.  School ends at 3:00 PM.

Upon arrival at school after 7:30 AM, students are expected to obtain a nutritious breakfast from the cafeteria.  Students may eat their breakfast outside of their classroom entrance until their teacher permits them to enter.

Children will be allowed to enter their classroom beginning at 7:45 AM.

The first bell rings at 7:45 AM and the tardy bell rings at 8:00 AM.  Instruction begins promptly at 8:00 AM.

It is important that your child be present at the beginning of the instructional day.   If this conflicts with your family’s schedule, please contact one of the surrounding day care facilities (see numbers below) that will bring the children to school at the appropriate time.

If  for some unexpected reason your child is late, please come in to the office with your child to obtain a tardy slip for entry in to the classroom.


To insure the best possible education for your child, regular and on time attendance is expected. If your child is ill and it is necessary for him/her to be absent from school, please send a note to the teacher when he/she returns stating the reason for the absence.  If a note is not received, your child’s absence must be reported to the Polk County School Board as unexcused.


All students must be checked out through the school office.  The office will page the student while the parent/guardian is signing out the student. The students will only be released to a parent or another authorized adult.  Adults will be asked for their identification before the student is released.

Bus Riders:

  1. Only students living in designated areas approved for school bus transportation shall ride  buses on regular bus routes.
  2. Ineligible riders are not permitted to ride the school bus to a baby-sitter, Girl or Boy Scout meeting, ball practice etc.
  3. Bus Riders may not switch buses to ride home with a friend or attend special meetings. In the case of an emergency, such as a parent in the hospital or no one at home, the principal may approve a temporary switch provided the child brings a note from home detailing the emergency.  This temporary switch is subject to space on the bus.
  4. If a rider is not to ride the bus home, he/she must bring a note from a parent indicating this; otherwise the child will be put on the bus.
  5. For their safety, students are expected to follow the bus rules at all times.

Continuous misbehavior on the bus results in the following procedures.

  • 1st bus slip -Verbal reprimand by administrator.
  • 2nd bus slip-Time-out or in school suspension or detention.
  • 3rd bus slip- 3 to 10 day bus suspension.

When the child is suspended from the bus, the parents are responsible for getting the child to school.


Discipline is a must at school if learning is to take place.  We believe that discipline is an ongoing process that helps students learn or be responsible and capable of making choices that are in the best interest of others as well as themselves.  Discipline is based on respect and responsibility. We believe that students need guidance, rules and consistency in enforcement of rules and that it is the joint responsibility of the parents/guardians and the teacher to praise and reinforce appropriate behavior.

These are our 4 school-wide STAR Expectations that the teachers will be reinforcing throughout the year:

  • Safe (not engaged in dangerous activities including fighting, using abusive language, or threatening  behavior)
  • Tolerant and respectful (be kind to others)
  • Active Learner (be ready to learn, follow directions, give your undivided attention to the speaker)
  • Responsible (be on time, appropriately dressed, with homework and supplies.  Also, take care of personal and school property)

Fighting can include coming in physical contact with someone when you are angry or upset,  playfully and/or teasingly kicking, biting, slapping, choking, or pushing someone. Abusive language can include using curse words (written or verbal), using suggestive vulgar words or gestures, using “put down” words or phrases, or threatening to hurt someone. For further explanations, please see the Polk County School Code of Conduct.


Our primary method of teacher to parent communication is through the child’s agenda.  Daily viewing  and signing of the agenda is your way of helping to support learning in the classroom.

Additional information may be included in the agenda such as notes about school pictures, field trips, fund raisers, and school early release and holidays.  You may send absentee notices back to the teacher in the agenda. Your child’s teacher may have other methods of communication in addition to the agenda.  They will usually share that information with you during the open house sessions at the beginning of the school year.


Medulla utilizes the following grading scale for grades K-5:

A    90-100 Outstanding

B    80-90   Above Average

C    70-80   Average

D    60-70   Below Average

U    0-59     Unsatisfactory


Bright Imagination 647-5437
Family Martial Art Center 646-5425
Imperial Kidz 619-6211
Lakeland Academy of Arts 619-8641
Taylor Learning Center 619-5405
YMCA 644-3528
Highland Park Church of Nazarene 619-5885
After School Cottage & Summer Camp 619-5405


CAR RIDERS: Dismissal is at 3:00 for all students.  Please enter the circular drive of the car pick up area at the far south entrance.  Please stay in your car  and move forward as directed by one of our personnel.  Please have your car pickup number tag hanging from the rear view mirror.  For the safety of our children, please do not release or pick up your child in any area other than the car rider area closest to the overhang at the rear of the school.

DAY CARE AND BUS RIDERS: Day care van riders and bus riders are picked up in the front of the school.

RAINY DAY PLAN: Please share with the teacher on the “Rainy Day Plan” form  how your child is going to get home when it rains. This preplanning  helps to make this “unplanned emergency” less stressful for you and your child.

CHANGE IN DISMISSAL PLAN: If there is a change in how your child will go home on a particular day, please call the office by 2:00 pm so that we may notify your child in time. If you plan to come in and pick up your child, please park in a designated parking area and go to the front office.  You may check your child out and office personnel will call your child for you.


We will not interrupt class for phone calls unless it is an emergency.  Our secretaries will take a message and put it in the teachers’ box for them to check at their earliest convenience.


Children must dress in uniform which includes tops, pants or skirts, and belts.


First Aid is provided in the clinic, when necessary.  In the case of a sudden illness or accident, every effort will be made to contact the parent, doctor, or other person listed on the Emergency Card form.  It is very important that the Emergency Card form be returned on the first day of school and kept up to date.  If you should be called to get your child from school, please come to the office for official checkout procedures.


The following must be done for prescription and non-prescription medications:

  1. Medication may be administered for one day with a written note from the parent/guardian.  A physician must sign an official form (Authorization for Medication).  No medication will be administered without parental authorization and medical practioner’s instructions.  A fax machine is available to expedite the completion of this form.  Our fax number is 863-648-3214.
  2. The Authorization of Medication should be renewed as follows:
    • Prescription medication for chronic/long term conditions: at the beginning of each school year or anytime a medication time and/or dosage is required.
    • Prescription medication for short term conditions: with each illness
    • Nonprescription (over the counter) medications: as recommended by the physician/nurse practioner on the Authorization for Medical form.
  3. All medication must be stored in a locked cabinet in the clinic.  This includes nonprescription medicine such as pain relievers and cough drops.  Exceptions for asthma inhalers may be made upon the physician’s recommendation.


Homework can be a reinforcement of the current material they are learning and can help develop good study habits.

The following is an average of time spent for each grade level:

Kindergarten – Varied time spent reading to your child, talking, and sharing his/her day

1st,2nd, 3rd – Up to 30 minutes a day.

4th and 5th – 45 minutes to one hour.

If the homework seems to take your child longer, please check with his/her teacher.  You can help them develop good study habits by providing a quiet place, that is free of distractions, for them to do homework assignments.


Your teacher will be contacting you throughout the year for a one-on-one conference regarding your child’s progress. This may be through the agenda or possibly a phone call.

Please try to respond back as quickly as possible if you are able to make the meeting with them.

If you need to contact the teacher, you may write a note in the agenda, call the office (863.648-3515) or email them with a request for them to call you.  We cannot  interrupt instruction for phone calls.